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Smith River Steelhead Fishing 2023

Smith River Steelhead Fishing  We are starting to fill up our winter steelhead schedule on the Klamath and Smith rivers and currently have plenty of dates left to book so if you're looking for a Christmas gift for that special someone here you go. We offer gift certificates that are redeemable at your convenience and can be purchased directly from us using the booking feature on our website.  Winter steelhead season is hands down my favorite time of year, the rivers are flushing themselves clean, and the most elusive game fish on the west coast are sneaking there way upstream to continue the cycle of life. The excitement that occurs after a stiff hookset into one of these fresh from salt chrome rockets is something that will never get old.  Here at Ironhead Guide Service we are just as exited as the customers when we get into one of these trophy fish. If you know someone that enjoys that sentiment than let’s, get them out on the river.   BOOK NOW https://ironheadguideservic

Chetco River Salmon Fishing

Chetco River Fishing Guide The fall salmon season on the coast this year was late to get started and ended as soon as it got going. The Chetco River Fishing  was way behind schedule this year and didn't get started till after Thanksgiving when the first big rain storms filled the river with some fresh water. Mario Gomez of Ironhead Guide Service was on the scene when the river came into shape and got a few days in before thing got to low and clear. It seemed like the fish made their way into the chetco river in between storms and spawned before anyone new what was going on. The Smith river fishing was much of the same and no one really knows what happened to the salmon. We seen a few days of fish-able water but the numbers of salmon was not there and the only explanation is the fish got through in low water and did their thing. The smith river hosts some of the largest salmon caught every year and is a beautiful river to fish.