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Spring Chinook Fishing on the Rogue River

Rogue River Spring Salmon Fishing The spring salmon season is getting started on the west coats and pro guide Mario Gomez of Ironhead Guide Service is currently booking his remaining days. People from all over the US come to fish for these amazing creatures and once you get to eat one you will know why. Rogue River Salmon Fishing around Shady Cove, OR with Mario Gomez is a class act. Take a look at Mario's GOOGLE REVIEWS   and see why he has become one of the top rated guides in the Northwest. The best time of the year to fish for springers is May through July and the presentation of choice is a back bounced piece of cured salmon eggs. People go crazy of springers (spring chinook) because of how good they taste, the fish come into the river system in April and don't spawn until October so they have large amounts of fat stored in their body to keep them alive through the summer. The meat is infused with fats and marbled so it is hands down the best tasting fish you