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Klamath River Steelhead Fishing

Klamath River fishing guides are having to work hard for our fish this year. Klamath River fishing is running a little lean but if you put in the time to figure out the puzzle you will be rewarded. Klamath River Steelhead are the reason I started guiding and I will not give up even when it gets tough. We have been catching our klamath river steelhead on yarn, luhrs, and flies, and we have been getting our fish out of winter holding and spawning water. The rest of the week looks like a wash the river is big and on the rise we will be fishing once the river falls back into shape so stand by for a report next week. The winter steelhead season is fast approaching and I will be sending and posting my dates for the Umpqua and Klamath river in a few weeks so get your thermals ready and give me a call.

Klamath River Steelhead

The Klamath River Steelhead season has finally started to pick up, we saw good fishing this last week after the river dropped into shape. The fish are spread out and not concentrated in the normal places this year, so you really have to work for your bites and make your hook sets count. The winter fish are getting ready to start making their way to the mouths of the rivers and we will be pulling on some chrome rockets before you know it. We will be moving operations up to the Umpqua River soon and this year we will be chasing them giant trophy steelhead that call that river home. Stay tuned for dates and if you want to go you probably better book you date sooner than later.