Klamath River Steelhead

The Klamath River Steelhead Fishing has been hit and miss for the last few weeks. The river is running a bit higher than normal for this time of year and with the frequent rain storms has been off color and rising every few days. We are picking our way through the storms and finding a few fish. This weekend I observed a lot of steelhead and salmon jumping and rolling around so we have some fresh fish moving in. The rain is supposed to let up for the week and our famous half-pounder steelhead fishing should be better I hope. Winter steelhead season is just around the corner and I am getting ready to move operations up north to the Umpqua River, so let's hope the lower river is fishable this year. I will be sending out and posting my open dates soon, I hope to see you on the river.

Klamath River Fishing Guides

Klamath River Fishing

Klamath River Fishing Guides


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