Klamath River Salmon

It’s been a while since my last fishing report, so I wanted to let folks know what the word on the river was. We have finished up our 2016 fall salmon season on the Klamath River and despite the low quotas and far too early closure we had a pretty darn good season. The mouth of the river has been sanded shut for most of the last month and the fish movement has been slow because of it. If you put in your time and be patient you will get your chance at a KING of the river. I want to thank all of my customers for your support and business. We are shifting gears to focus on the fall steelhead on the Klamath River and I have had a week of fishing trips canceled because of the rain but come Wednesday I will bet we are going to see some of the best steelhead fishing of the season so get a hold of me and let’s go fishing I am offering a $100.00 discount for the next week.


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