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Klamath River Steelhead Fishing

We have been blown out on the Klamath River for a couple of weeks and the river is finally starting to clear up. We ran some trips this weekend in the middle section of the Klamath and found a few nice fall fish. The Klamath River Fishing should start to pick up in the coming weeks so stay tuned. We still have available dates so give us a call if you want to wet a line.

Winter Steelhead on the Klamath

The Klamath River Fishing is on hold for a bit, I had to cancel our trips this week because the river is BLOWN OUT. So we decided to do some gorilla bank fishing and got into some cold hard steel. The waters were high and off color but we tested our luck and ended up catching some nice adults. The winter fish are moving up the lower river and should be through out the entire river in a month or so.

Klamath River Winter Steelhead

Well folks look what I found, I fished the lower Klamath River this week and got our first winter steelhead. We have been struggling with rising and muddy river conditions for the last two weeks, but in between storms we have been testing the waters. The Klamath River Fishing is in a transition right now from our fall steelhead (half-pounders) to our winter steelhead. The winter steelhead season is my favorite time of the year and if you want to get in on some of the action and take a chance at the fish of a lifetime give us a call and lets go fishing.

Klamath River Steelhead

The recent rain and this years fire have had the river out of shape for most of the week. We have been playing the waiting game and things are going to rise again. We had a few days to fish last week and we got some nice Klamath River Steel. I am hearing some whispering about winter chrome being caught on the lower river so we might be heading down riv.