Chetco River Salmon Fishing

Chetco River Fishing Guide The fall salmon season on the coast this year was late to get started and ended as soon as it got going. The Chetco River Fishing was way behind schedule this year and didn't get started till after Thanksgiving when the first big rain storms filled the river with some fresh water. Mario Gomez of Ironhead Guide Service was on the scene when the river came into shape and got a few days in before thing got to low and clear. It seemed like the fish made their way into the chetco river in between storms and spawned before anyone new what was going on.
The Smith river fishing was much of the same and no one really knows what happened to the salmon. We seen a few days of fish-able water but the numbers of salmon was not there and the only explanation is the fish got through in low water and did their thing. The smith river hosts some of the largest salmon caught every year and is a beautiful river to fish.

Klamath River Salmon Fishing

Klamath River Fishing The salmon season on the Klamath River in 2018 was truly amazing. Ironhead Guide Service is the premier Klamath River Outfitter and they are front and center in some of the best fishing in the country. Klamath River fishing for salmon is some of the best angling you will find in the lower 48. Pro guide Mario Gomez of Ironhead Guide Service is one of the top rated fishing guides in the industry and he will ensure you angling success. Take a look at these klamath river salmon and happy customers and you will see why IGS is one of the most sought after fishing guide services to operate in norther California and southern Oregon.

Rogue River Fishing

Rogue River Fishing Guide
The spring Chinook season on the rogue river and klamath river are about to kick off. The springer season on the west coast is one the highest anticipated runs of salmon in the PNW. Springers are the best tasting salmon you will find in the rivers pro guide Mario Gomez fishes. That great bounty does not come easy though, this fish are some of the tightest lip fish you will angle for. You really have to put in your time when it comes to the spring Chinook but once you sink your teeth into a slab of the marble meat wonder you will know why.

Ironhead Guide Service has become one of the top reviewed guides in the Northwest and has expanded operational coverage to provide guided fishing adventures on all of the highly sought after destination rivers in the PNW. The list of rivers continues to grow, and a few of the top bucket list destinations are the Klamath River, Smith River, Chetco River, Umpqua River, and Rogue River

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Klamath River Fishing Report

Klamath River Fishing  10/09/17 update

I have been fishing the Klamath River for the past few weeks and the fishing went from good to great in a single day. The salmon are spawning, and the steelhead are hanging out close by for an easy meal. Visit the fishing report section of my new website for details and stay up to date on my social media pages listed below. The fall fishing on the Klamath River is something you really have to see to believe, it's hands down the best fishing you can find in the lower 48. The fish are not trophy size but the action sets the famous Klamath River apart from the alternatives. If you want to get off the grid and catch some fish get a hold of me. Visit Ironhead Guide Service, for more information and keep up to date with my adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or feel free to me anytime @ (530) 598-0530.


The Klamath River Fishing season is just a couple of months away and Ironhead Guide Service is getting ready …

Klamath River Fishing


The fall Chinook fishery on the Klamath and Trinity rivers will be closed for retention of salmon in 2017, so what this means is the Klamath and Trinity rivers will be catch and release only and not closed to angling. To help protect the stocks, ocean salmon fishing will also be closed in the California and Oregon KMZ zones (Klamath Management Zones), which run from Humbug Mt. south to Horse Mt. Visit the CDFW News Feed for more information The fall Chinook seasons on the Smith, Chetco, Rogue, Elk, and Umpqua rivers will not be affected by these closures. In fact the river fishing guides might actually see increased success do to the salmon not being targeted in the Ocean. So don’t be discouraged and let’s make the best of things. Pro guide Mario Gomez of Ironhead Guide Service will be fishing the Chetco River this year for fall chinook so it’s time to cross another destinati…